Thursday, August 9, 2012

"And they call the thing Rodeo"

This past Friday we went to the Mesquite Rodeo.  A few of our Lifegroup couples were going, and we thought it would be a fun little adventure for Knox.  

He loved it.  There was constant action, which kept him entertained.  No animals were injured, which was also a huge plus!  

When we arrived to the arena, they were out of power.  Pretty funny, actually, but at the time we were a bit annoyed and sweaty.  They got it back up and running right around the start time, so we were able to stay and enjoy the show.

Knox had this serious look on his face the majority of the time.  Just taking it all in.

He also loved (and was slightly jealous) when the kids got to do the "Cash Dash."
They put two strings on a sheep, and let the kids go.  Whoever got the string got $20 bucks.  
Maybe in a year or two he can jump out there.  We'll have to get him some boots and Wranglers to fit in :)

As we were leaving, we paid the $5 for him to have a pony ride.  It probably lasted less than 2 minutes, but it was absolutely worth it!  He did it all by himself, which made me proud and broke my heart, all at the same time.  He's getting so big!

We had a great time, and look forward to going back soon!


  1. Was Whiplash the monkey there?! If you ever have the chance to see him - it's adorable and hilarious! Glad y'all had a fun time!

  2. How is he big enough to ride a pony?? Oh my gosh he is such a little man.