Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Feeding the Turtles

Knox and I go on a run most mornings with friend Jessica and her daughter, Blair...and they both get so excited about feeding the turtles.  And by excited, I mean that the minute we start running Knox starts in with "I wanna feed the tuttles.  Go this way, Mommy."  He's quite demanding.  We typically feed them whatever breakfast the kids don't eat while we run, and it's the highlight of the morning for them.  And us, really, because we get a break from the exhaustion. 

Any day we don't run, he's disappointed.  I'll hear "I wanna go with Bair (he can't say his "l's") and Bair's mommy to see the tuttles," all day long.  So, after church on Sunday, Stephen and I decided to get a little exercise and do just that.  I mean, it was 12:30 and 100+.  Great idea, right?

We almost died from the heat, but it was a great time.  Knox loved taking Gracie and Bella with us.  He was a bit bossy with them, constantly telling them where to sit and where not to sit.  And making them drink his water.  He got to bring a rock home, and he was really nervous Gracie was going to crush it.  He placed it right in between them, and kept saying "Gracie, don't hurt my rock.  Don't sit on my rock."  It was pretty funny!

Daddy took Knox down to water level to see the turtles up close.  There are about 15 turtles that live in the creek, some just babies and others with a shell of about a foot and a half.  Pretty crazy!

Love this picture of my Baylor dudes.

As you can see, the dogs almost died.  Knox was so sweet, filling his water bottle cap and trying to get them to drink some.

I say it all the time, but I love this age.  Seeing the world through his eyes is such a blessing.  Hopefully Fall will come sooner rather than later, and we can enjoy more of these days out exploring.

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  1. What a precious moop you have there! It's adorable that you took the dogs with you on the adventure of the day!