Tuesday, March 18, 2014

{Blakely}: One Month

Hard to believe it's already been one month...well, more like 5 weeks (tomorrow).  This little love bug is exactly what we prayed for, and has been the biggest blessing to our family.

At one month, she loves:

  • Eating.  She's exclusively breastfed, and eats every 1.5-2 hours during the day.  She stretches this to 3 hours when she's napping (usually a long one mid-morning and a long one mid-afternoon, though she still sleeps most of the day in cat naps).  
  • Sleeping.  Like I said above, she sleeps most of the day, but we're starting to see patterns/routines in her sleep.  Hopefully soon we'll have a defined nap time in the morning, afternoon and evening, but I won't complain.  She's a pretty easy baby and goes with the flow.  She also gifted us with a full nights sleep this past week, sleeping from 11:15-6am.  I about died when I woke up and realized what she had done.  It was nice to get a full night's sleep!  She hasn't done it since, but gives us 4-5 hour stretches from 11'ish until 4'ish!  I'll take it!
  • Smiling.  She's such a happy baby, and loves to look around and smile at anyone in sight.  She is really good at holding her neck up, and can lay on her stomach and lift her head to switch positions or look all around her for long periods of time.  She's definitely stronger in that regard than Knox was.  She loves to see what's going on around her...guess she'll be nosy/social like me :)
We don't go back to the doctor until 8 weeks, but I can tell you that she's chunky and long!

I took a few pictures in the same chair that we took Knox's monthly pictures...can't wait to compare the two as their year progresses!

Everyone got in on the photoshoot...and just for comparison, this is the shot I had when Knox was one month.  Not a great one to compare anything with, but the next few months will have him in his chair to compare with hers!

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