Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Parent Breakfast at LCCP

I'm terrible at the blog this time around...and I think this will be the theme from now on. Having two kids is the most amazing thing, but it's also the most time-consuming job.  I'm constantly on the move with these two, plus work and family/friend commitments, so I'm just trying to stay afloat!

This morning, though, we had the pleasure of eating breakfast with Knox at his Preschool.  We just love his preschool and teachers, and so it was a treat to spend time with him and get a little sneak peek into his day!

He loved showing us off to his friends, and was excited to have us both there with him.  He's growing up so fast, so these little moments allow us to slow down and enjoy him while we can.  I just love that boy.

And...little miss is 8 weeks today!  I have her 2 month appointment next week, so I'll update her stats then!

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