Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Festivities, Part One

Easter is such a heavy holiday when you reflect on the reason...Christ's death on the cross to save us from sin.  While hanging he was thinking of ME, of us, of our lives.  Incredible.

For the kids, though, it's all about egg hunting and candy.  Quite the juxtaposition.

While we try and teach Knox the true reason, it's also really fun to watch him experience the lighter side.  We hosted an Easter Egg hunt for the neighborhood, and we had egg hunts, candy decorating and park playing for all who came out.  It really was a great time and it's always fun to meet new neighbors and hang out with our friends.

Knox loved the hunt, and eating icing:

His school also had an Easter party and egg hunt.  We just love his school and class, so it was a treat to watch them hunt eggs and celebrate Jesus together!

Blakely slept the entire party...Next year will be a different story!

Finally, we had a few attempts with the Easter bunny.  The first one, Knox really let me know how he felt (see his finger):

And the second was after a lot of bribing, and a compromise that he could be "next to" but not "on the lap of" the bunny:

The Easter bunny will hop on over to our house Easter morning, we'll head to church to celebrate Jesus and then have a big hunt/lunch with all of the cousins.  Will post about that next week!

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