Tuesday, December 14, 2010

O Christmas Tree!

My mom has great taste...but especially during the Christmas season.  Decorating her house is something she loves to do, and I love getting to enjoy it!  She has 7, yes SEVEN trees in the house.  And when I cracked a joke about the number she let me know that there were 2 more in the garage if I wanted to add more...love it! 

We had the company Christmas party at my parents house this past weekend, so I went around and snapped a few pics of the amazing trees...enjoy!

Entry tree...and notice "Judge" in the corner wearing his Santa outfit!

Entry tree again, with a peek of the living room tree.  This one is cherub themed.

Dining Room

Dining room tree again, up close.

Living room tree, fishing themed

My dad is in the cell tower business, so this tree in his home office has towers on it!

The bear tree in the upstairs "man" room!  Baylor Bear country :)

The French-inspired tree.  Fleur-de-lis' (Go Kappa!) and black boas!


My personal fav...the kid's tree in the crib room!  It's very whimsical and channels Dr. Seuss.
The top of the tree

and lit!


  1. You need to go ahead and start collecting Christmas trees, ornaments, lights, garland, ribbon, etc because you're gonna be just like your mama with a tree in every room!

  2. ummm. . . really. . . can your mom come do our house. . . we just have TWO trees! :-)