Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa...I know him!

Knox finally met Santa!  We went to Frisco Town Center with our good friends, the Wrights, and had a blast.  Santa was FREE (which is awesome) and you could take your own pictures (again, awesome!).  Knox loved Santa, and was really interested in his beard.  He told him he wanted a lot of money and warm milk for Christmas.  Pretty smart kid!

He was wondering why mommy was making such wierd faces at him.
Hey, I know you!  And your beard is AWESOME!
Ok guys, think I'm done!

Once we'd seen Santa and had dinner, we went to Dimples (a cupcakery) so Ella could have her prize for sitting with Santa.  Maren and Ella LOVE Knox, and the feeling is mutual.  He also loved their cupcakes and wanted some... 
Ella letting him get close!

Maren, Knox and Ella.

Silly Maren and her cupcake teeth!

Before we left, we had to dance in the snow (they do fake snow for the kids every 15 min) and take family pics in front of the tree!

The Dotsons

The Wrights.  I hate that it's blurry...
We always have the best time with the Wrights.  This might be a yearly tradition :)

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