Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Rock and Pedicures

My sister-in-law, Lindsay, and I have been training for a goal.  13.1 miles.  And we rocked it!  The WhiteRock Half Marathon was on Sunday, and we finished.  We weren't fast, and we didn't win (ha), but we finished and I couldn't have been more proud crossing the line with her by my side.  Hard work paid off!!

This is the moment we saw our families cheering us on.  They had all the kids in tow, in the freezing wind, but it MADE our race to see their faces.  Stephen's sweet Aunt and Uncle even came, with their dogs and a cute "Go Katie" sign.  Love them!

I got to steal a sweet Knox kiss half way!

And Lindsay stole a kiss from a homeless man.  Just kidding, it's Jeremy.

Mackers was so excited to see us.  She even shared a goldfish with us.  Conner was there, too, but he was sleeping.  NEVER wake a sleeping baby :)

Concentrating on the finish.  We did it!!
Last night, Lindsay and I took our other sweet sis-in-law, Natalie, out for Mani's/Pedi's for her birthday.  It was a well-timed event, and we had a great time!  Of course we forgot to take pictures while we were there...but I went ahead and took one so you'd have a visual.  And to show you that WhiteRock didn't make my feet hobbit'ish. 

No, my hand isn't longer than my feet.  Yes, I'm pale.


  1. i am literally sporting the exact same color on my toes and nails! did you by chance get the name of the toe color b/c i really loved it and forgot to look at the bottle :)

  2. I enjoy kissing homeless men. Jeremy really does look homeless...I'm so proud of him! Guuurrrlll...we rocked the rock (very slowly, but we did it:)

  3. you're amazing! CONGRATS! you're kind of inspiring me to get off my fat tush and run too. can't wait to see you guys SOOON!

  4. Congrats! Good to know that you aren't a hobbit... :)