Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July: Part 1

We headed down to Houston on Thursday night, and stayed through the 4th.  Knox loved getting to spend time with his Mimi and Papa, and wore himself out playing in the pool, on his new toys and on wagon rides around the neighborhood. 

Every morning he would inspect what Papa was eating, and loved that he got to partake!

He started using his Papa's spoon, and then enjoyed trying to feed himself with his utensils.

He woke up from his first nap at their house with the most amazing bed-head...and we had to try out the denim diapers now that he can fit in them :)

No really...the bed-head was AWESOME!

And that denim toosh is pretty cute, too!

The Dotsons got him a little scooter, and he loved acting like a big boy, scooting around the house.  His favorite toy, though, was a lawnmower.  It had the start-up string/pull that made a loud noise, gas can and popped little balls while you mowed.  He loved it.  I unfortunately didn't get a picture of it, though.

The next day, Papa had yogurt.  This was a little more messy.

Notice the cereal flakes on his face, too!

Glenda saved all of Stephen's favorite toys from when he was younger, so we got them out to see if Knox would like them.  He's still a bit young for some of them, but in a few years he's going to be obsessed.  We laughed hysterically at some of the wrestlers...and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Awesome.

Knox's favorite was the Greyhound bus.

He loved putting people and smaller cars inside.  When he really gets working, he opens his mouth (see below).  I love that he does this, and love even more that my Papa (his great-grandfather) did this when he worked.  I found out this weekend that Stephen's Papa did this, too!  Love that he's carrying on the tradition :)

He needed a little water break...

We spent most days in the pool, and he had mixed emotions about it.  He loves the pool, don't get me wrong, it's that it was 150* outside and I wanted him in the shaded floatie.  He HATES the shaded floatie.  We did our best to only get in the pool later in the day when part of the pool is shaded, but he really just wanted to play in the fountains!

He's got that  mouth working again, trying to get as much water as the pail can fit!

He loves the water!


  1. SO SAD we missed you guys! But, it looks like y'all had a blast!

  2. P hates that float too! I miss seeing that cutie!