Thursday, July 21, 2011

Patio Re-do

Stephen's parents gifted us their old patio furniture when we moved in, so we'd have something on our back patio until we could decide what we wanted to permanantly place there.  Well, two years later we finally switched it out with something a little more permanant. 

This picture isn't really fair.  They had it for a long time before giving it to us, and we didn't so much take care of it.  It's been snowed on, rained on, and the dogs have basically lived on it.  We've put our feet on the rattan table, the squirrels have taken most of the stuffing out of the chairs, etc.  You get the idea.  But it was time for it to GO.  It's found a lovely home elsewhere...and we can move on to the NEW!

We originally went to Home Depot just to get an outdoor rug.  We left with a new patio.

I had a lot of random decorative things around the house that helped pull it together...and Hobby Lobby helped with the rest!  In our attic, we had a few different pictures we weren't using.  I got them out, removed the glass and pictures and simply hung the frames.  I like the way it looks for now.  I'll probably spray paint them later to adjust their colors.

I love the freshness it provides.  I feel like the patio is completely different now.  And yes, that is a water table across from the chairs.  I have a feeling it will be a "furniture piece" for the next few years, and I wouldn't change it :)

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