Monday, July 11, 2011

Fourth of July: Part 2-City Center Fun

I didn't mean to take so long posted round two of the 4th of July pics, but things have been crazy around here.  We had a packed weekend of birthday parties and baby showers, and painting our kitchen and cabinets (more on that later) I'm just now getting around to it.  Forgive me?

The highlight of Knox's weekend was our trip to the city center for dinner and live music.  We went on the 3rd, but for the 4th they had fireworks as well.  Maybe next year.  He loved running around and playing with the other kids, people watching and of course dancing.  Here are some fun shots before he crashed!

This boy LOVES his Daddy...but I don't blame him :)

Always a ball or a car/truck, and always pointing!

We noticed a mastiff not too far from where we were.  Knox is in LOVE with dogs, so we thought we'd venture over to see if the dog was nice.  She was a true "gentle giant."  She let Knox climb all over her, and never made a fuss.

Seriously, she was HUGE.  125 lbs.

Her owner grabbed Knox and placed him on her back.  I think she secretly loved it.

Her kisses were a bit bigger than Gracie's, though!

Knox loves dancing, and Mimi was happy to lead.

He ran around the whole night.  Chasing soccer balls, older kids, or just roaming the grounds.  Some of my favorite shots were while running between Stephen and Papa.  He has the sweetest smile on his face!

We headed out before bedtime, and he was SO tired that he barely stayed awake to finish his milk.  We can't wait until our next Houston trip to let him wear himself out again :)

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