Tuesday, September 27, 2011

austin weekend

This past weekend we took our friends, the Wrights, to Austin to have a little weekend getaway.

We got in on Friday just in time for dinner, and we headed over to our favorite spot, Verde's.  The kids loved playing in the field with all of the toys while we waited for our table.  We even spotted Jesse James while there.  His daughter was playing outside alongside the kids the whole time, and we had no idea.  Then Knox almost ran into him.  Nice.

I'm mad my camera settings were off the whole time.  All of my pictures were blurry.  This one lends itself to be blurry, though.  They really were running that fast the whole time :)

The next day we decided to make it a pool day.  Since it's still in the 100's in Austin, it was our last hurrah.  We were still cold, but the girls loved it.  Knox decided his new favorite thing to do is to walk on the ledge.  Thankfully Papi was willing to do it with him until he was satisfied.

Although he stopped a few times to take a little dip.

The Wrights have a sweet Labradoodle, Gatsby.  He loved his new surroundings for the weekend.  He's an adorable little guy.

Saturday night, after the kids were asleep, we headed out on the town.  We quickly realized that we're not young anymore and were home by midnight.  We still had a great time.

Thanks, Wrights, for such a fun weekend!

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