Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vail: Day 4

Day 4 started much like the others...with a walk.  We headed over to Lionshead (about a 5 min walk) with Knox in the beloved backpack.  He seriously loved that thing.  He pointed at every car, truck and dog and kicked his feet when Stephen would bounce.  Once we arrived in Lionshead he gave Stephen a "high-5."  Guess he figured he had done a good job!

Once in Lionshead we took the gondola up to the top of the mountain.  During the summers, they have "Adventure Ridge," basically a lot of outdoor activities for the kiddos.  While Knox is still too young for all of it, he still enjoyed being a part of it all!

This is the best I could get of us.  He didn't love the gondola at first...

Then he realized he could beat up on Papa and it would be fun!

This view made it all worthwhile, though!  I think if we'd have come just a week or two later, the leaves would have turned and it would be even better!

One of the activities we partook in (because it was free, ha) was the slack rope.  Kelly and I (and Stephen joined in later) tried our hardest to master it.  We got pretty far on a couple (they were about 10-15 feet long suspended between poles), but can't really say we're pros.  Definitely harder than it seems.

Knox's fave?  The pony!

You had to be 3 to ride it.  Sad face.  He would have loved it!

We had lunch on the top of the mountain, and then Mimi and Papa took Knox while the "kids" went mountain biking.

I fell way more than I'd like to admit (some of the trails were HARD!), we laughed hysterically and had a great time! 

We headed home afterwards and got cleaned up for dinner.  The Vail Jazz festival was going on in Lionshead that night, so we grabbed a seat at the pizza joint (Blue Moose Pizza) adjacent to the action and enjoyed the music over dinner!

Doesn't he look so big here?  Sad.

He loved the blue moose, and the lights on his antlers.

After the jazz fest, we met up with my friend from home, Brent!  We've known each other since 6th grade, and he transferred to Baylor our Junior year (and was a Fiji with Stephen).  We were walking in Vail Village the day before and literally ran into him.  Thursdays happened to be his day off, so it worked out perfectly!

I stole this picture from his it's a bit blurry!

Brent is a chef at Sweet Basil, the "it" restaurant in Vail, so he knew someone at every place we went.  He even gave us a pub crawl to see all the hot spots in town...we had a blast!  Such a small world!

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