Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vail: Day 3

We woke up Day 3 to perfect weather.  We decided to set out on a hike early, before Knox's morning nap.  Contrary to his expression in this photo, he LOVED the backpack.  He pointed at every tree, car and truck and entertained us the whole time.

We came home and the guys headed out to their golf adventure.  While the girls got ready to head out to Beaver Creek for lunch, Knox decided to play nine holes of his own in the house!

The weather in Beaver Creek was amazing.  I hadn't ever been without a lot of snow on the ground, and the city is absolutely gorgeous!  We had a great time, and a great lunch.

Of course Knox had to touch or hug every bronze statue, and if you've ever been to BC or Vail, you know there are HUNDREDS.  The funny thing about this one was the name of the gallery above it...Knox Galleries.  So fun!

They have a skating rink in the middle of the village that is covered up during the summer.  For some reason, though, there was a lump of snow behind one of the gates.  The first image captures Knox's reaction perfectly!

What is this???  Then he decided to try and kick it.  Typical.

We drove back to Vail Village to let Knox take a nap, and the "big kids" headed out for a drink on the patio.  We decided to have dinner in the village, and we got a tip that they had a huge pirate ship kids play center behind the Mexican restaurant in town.  The food was great, and Knox let out some steam before bed.  Too bad the pirate ship was for bigger kids...he went ahead and played on the dingy, though :) 

Knox loved chatting with his Papa through the "telephone," too!

We walked home, and put Knox to bed so we could have our annual "Spades" competition.

We won't discuss who won.