Wednesday, September 21, 2011


We've been busy around here.  As you can see with my lack of posts.

This weekend we were really busy, but it was nice because we were home.  We've  been out of town a lot.  Knox got some new kicks.  He melts my heart in them.
My little skater punk.

We switched to shorts and hit up dad playing some tennis.  He loved getting to stand courtside.

He really loved when dad threw some tennis balls to him while he held the racquet.
He's a pro already.

Later that afternoon, we headed to the Plano Balloon Festival.  We attempted to go Friday night and it was rained out.  Saturday was too windy for the balloons to take off, so we hung out for a while and then left to get Knox to bed on time. 

He loved pointing to the sky divers.

They landed close to us.

Bummer the balloons didn't take off.  I really think Knox would have loved it.  This was as close as we got.

The shoulder ride might have been the highlight of his night.

Love my little "Cars" lover.

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