Monday, January 30, 2012

21 months...

Knox is 21 months.  In 90 days, he'll be two.  Wow.

The saying is absolutely true: "Time flies when you're having fun!"  This age (like I have said at all of his milestones) is so much fun.  Watching him experience new things for the first time might be one of my favorite things.  He's becoming quite the mimic, and can typically master something after watching me do it once or twice.  He's also mastered our phones.  In about 10 seconds, he can swipe my phone on, toggle the pages to find the "kid games" folder and start playing's insane.  I sometimes think he knows my phone better than I do.  

He's very curious, always has been.  He often discovers things around the house that I'd prefer him not find (knife drawer, craft cabinet, DOG BOWLS) and has the pout perfected when he's redirected.

He loves to be outside.  If we could play all day outside, he'd be in heaven.  He loves to slide, kick his balls and throw rocks.  Pretty standard for little boys.

He's very independent, and wants to do most things alone.  He also wants to do things like big kids do.  We've now said goodbye to our booster seat at the kitchen table...not going to lie, I was a little sad.

(told you he was curious)

He's very playful, and loves when dad gets home from work so he can wrestle.  I've tried to satisfy this craze, but only dada can do it to his satisfaction.  He LOVES the dogs, and often climbs up to play with them.  Yesterday, he got a little hyper and started flailing around on the chair while Gracie slept.  He had the most amazing static him!

He's still obsessed with planes, trains and automobiles.  When counting, he said "one, two, CARS!"  Seriously obsessed.  And upon seeing a bus on the road, we all have to have a moment of reverence.  He is getting more vocal by the day.  Every morning Stephen and I are amazed at the new words/phrases he knows.  He loves the number "two" and the letters "K, O, and S." Random.  When he tries to spell his name, he says "K (skips N), O, OX."  Pretty cute.  He loves to tell everyone "hi" and "bye," and will often blow kisses at complete strangers.  

His favorite phrases are "What's this/that," and though we have to answer it a million times per day, I wouldn't change his eagerness to learn.  

He's the most amazing gift we could have been given, and we thank the Lord for him daily!

Happy 21-months, K-Dub.


  1. Adorable pics. The last one looks just like you!

  2. Cannot believe K is almost TWO!! Wow!
    He's precious ....