Friday, January 13, 2012


Remember when I used to blog?  The holidays happened, then my birthday, then the post-holiday blues, and then BAM.  We're sick.  Knox has RSV and I have a nasty sinus infection.  Gross.  I guess it's nice that we had a few days of fun playtime with great weather before we got sick...being inside when it's freezing isn't near as bad as when its 70*.  

So, while we get better and get our energy back, I'll leave you with pictures from various activities before we were stricken with the sick bug.

We met around lunch at Safari Park the other day with friends.  As you know from blogs in the past, Knox is quite cautious and timid around these giant structures.  While his friends dive into the ball pits and climb slides, he usually sits back and watches, or plays on the train tables...or even in the pond.

But I was so proud of him this time.  He jumped right in, climbing the stairs...

And coming down the slide into the ball pit.  He got a little nervous at first, but when he realized he could stand and walk around in them, he was a happy camper.

Then he REALLY shocked me.  His friend Emily is a dare-devil.  She has no issue taking risks, so when she headed up this three-story jungle gym, I fully anticipated Knox running over to me to avoid it.  Not this time, though.  He was so brave, and went all the way to the top.

See if you can spot him:

Yep, that's him.  Right up at the very top.  About 30 seconds later I could hear him crying.  I tried coaxing him down, while kids came down telling us "there's a baby up there crying."  I ended up having to climb the entire thing to get him down.  Maybe next time he'll be brave enough to do the descent.

Since I was in there with him, I forced him to go down that yellow slide into the balls again.  Let's just say he was less than pleased.  So he sat there, crying, while 2 more kids slid into him before I could get him out.  I felt terrible.  

After that traumatizing experience, he stuck to the baby section.  This slide was more manageable!!

The weather last week was incredible.  65-70* and sunny.  One day, after Stephen got off work and could meet us, we walked up to the elementary school to swing.  Knox is obsessed with swinging, so he loved it!

Hopefully next week we'll be back to normal, and I'll be back to posting as usual.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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