Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I've been busy...

My friend Amanda is an amazing seamstress and is super creative.  She has a little business, The Littlest Hunter, and makes adorable things.  Since she started, I've been a little jealous.  I've always wanted an embroidery machine but always thought they were WAY out of my price range.  She does all her work on a pretty affordable machine, so I've been itching to get one ever since.

For my birthday, my parents surprised me with one.  I was so excited I squealed.  However, I was slightly intimidated.  I don't even know how to sew.  My mom came back in town after my birthday and patiently taught me the sewing basics.  Once I had that down, I got the nerve to try my hand at embroidery.  The first couple were a bit shaky, but once I got in the groove it got a little better.  

I made a few little presents for my future niece and Knox's future buddy, so I hope they don't mind slightly messy work :)

Then came the big beast...applique.  I watched numerous tutorials online before I had the nerve to try.  I got an old t-shirt of Knox's to work on...and this is my first outcome:

Not the prettiest, but I was a bit surprised at how easy it is...I'm serious, this machine is awesome. 

I figured out where I went wrong the first time and did a much better job the second time around:

I'm happy with the outcome!  Now I just need my friends to start having more babies so I can make them gifts :)

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  1. They're beautiful!!! Ally is going to love them! Did you sew the fabric and ribbon as well as embroider? I'm so impressed!!