Thursday, February 23, 2012


That's the sound Knox makes when he sees or hears a plane.  You can imagine how excited he was to hear that Mimi and Papa (and their friends Mike and Cindy) would be landing in Dallas for a few minutes...and we could get on the plane with them for a bit.

We drove out to DFW and went to the Corporate Landing section.  We were able to go out on the tarmac and see the "big" planes take off and land.  Knox was enamored, and constantly said "ooohhhh, ahhhh, pssshhh, UP, FLY, WHAT'S THAT?"  You get the idea.  Hew as in heaven. 

We ducked inside for a bit (it was a little chilly), and were just in time to see Paige and Piper.  The reason they were landing in Dallas was to pick up these two cuties...and we loved getting to see them!

They were waiting patiently by the windows when the plane pulled up.  We walked out to surprise Mimi and Papa...

Once on the plane, both kiddos went straight to the snacks.  Sweet Mike let them take all of the bags in and out of the basket probably a hundred times, and out of all of the choices, they settled on Cool Ranch Doritos.  Strange.

Knox had a ball, running around and looking out the windows.

And since the pilots were taking a break and refueling the plane, Papa took Knox up to get a sneak peak of the cockpit.  He liked it, but REALLY wanted to push all of the buttons!

We were thankful to be able to meet these sweet friends while they were here, even if it was for half an hour!  I think we might have to try the Frontiers of Flight Museum soon.  He could have stayed all day!


  1. I would have picked the Cool Ranch Doritos, too. Those are my absolute fave!

    Looks like so much fun! I've been wanting to take the boys to that museum, too. I hear it's pretty kid friendly, too. We should make it a playdate. :)

  2. How neat for all involved, especially the kiddos!