Friday, February 10, 2012

Will you be my Valentine?

In honor of Valentine's Day, we decided to get the kids dressed up and take a few pics for my lunchtime playgroup.  We fed the kids and did our best to get their pictures taken before they were too over it.  I don't usually have high-expectations for photo sessions anymore.  I think the last time he actually sat and smiled for me was his 11-month shot.  I was up for the challenge though.  

Before we left, I realized we hadn't made Valentine's for his friends.  After a really quick google search, I decided upon the super hero.  Knox decorated the paper and I did the rest..don't tell :)

Alice hosted in her gorgeous home, and her living room full of windows made the pictures look so good.  She has a red swing in front, so we tried some pictures there, too, but Knox was over it.  Really, he was never "into it," but it's what I expected.

The only way I could get him in the chair was if he was holding the truck, and even then he was slowly sliding off the chair with every click.  He looks like he's modeling, but I assure you he's just planning a sneaky escape.  Smiling or not, I think he's the cutest little Valentine.  So much has changed since last year!!


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  1. So handsome!! And, you did awesome on his valentines. :)