Monday, April 30, 2012

When you're TWO, you go to the ZOO!

He's two!  He woke up to Stephen and I singing Happy Birthday to him.  If I get the nerve to post-it, you'll get a good laugh.  His ears might still be bleeding.  

We then loaded up in our bikes and headed to Bunkie's, our neighborhood donut shop.  He got to pick out his donut, a plain donut with vanilla icing and sprinkles.  I think the pictures will show you how  much he liked it!

He had to stop and "Cheers!" Daddy for his birthday.

Eating only the sprinkles...

Then a security guard came in to get some donuts.  When he left, he asked how old Knox was.  When we told him today was his birthday, he handed him his change.  There was a one dollar bill and a five.  Knox unfortunately grabbed the one, ha.  Slightly strange, but he loved it. 

We then went home and packed up to head to the zoo.  Our plan was to get there early, to avoid the crowds and the heat.  Neither was accomplished.  When we arrived, so did every school within a 50-mile radius.  Seriously, this picture does NOT do it justice.  I really don't think I've ever seen that many buses.  The day continued as you'd expect...20 screaming kids/per exhibit window, and all of the animals hiding out of sheer terror.  We did see some animals, and the ones we came to see were out and about so it wasn't a total fail.  

The whole drive to the zoo he chanted "I want to see eh-phants, wanna see eh-phants."  He was so excited to finally see them.  Unfortunately, the were eating really far away, so it was pretty anti-climatic.

He did get to see the African penguins swimming up close, and they didn't disappoint.

The highlight of the trip, though, were the giraffes.  I'm not sure if Knox or I enjoyed them more.  They were great.  For $5, you received a few leaves of lettuce to feed them.  I'm still in awe that you can hand-feed these sweet animals.  Really, really cool.  

He loved it and was completely terrified all at the same time.  So cute!

Then he was ready to go.  He quietly grabbed the stroller and tried to make an exit, so we took his cues and headed home.  Besides, it was now noon and 90+ degrees.  

We decided since we were in the area, and Aunt Kelly had the day off, we would meet for a patio lunch.  And besides, after all of those screaming kids, mommy and daddy needed a cold one.  After we ate, he was EXHAUSTED.  We got home around 2 and he slept until after 5. 

Once he woke up (or we woke him up), we headed over to the Obert's for a little kid-friendly happy hour.  I love our neighborhood friends, and love that we make an effort to have adult-friendly playgroups, too!  We had a great time, and sweet Kyla even made Knox a cake to celebrate his big day.  She even had Cars plates...he was in heaven.

Mike videoed the singing this time.  I'm thankful he did, since I hadn't videoed any of his candle-blowing skills this birthday.  Enjoy!

I'm pretty certain he had a great second birthday.  But the fun wasn't over.  His birthday party is up next!


  1. Katie, he is beyond words cute. I love his real birthday and "birthday party" - great job, mom!!

    1. You are so sweet, Kate. Thank you!

  2. Feeding the giraffes is my absolute favorite part of the zoo, too! I think it's incredible that they let you do that!

    Love the pictures of Knox at the donut shop! So cute!