Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ally Elizabeth

One of the main reasons I headed back to Austin after girls weekend was to see sweet baby Ally.  She is so precious:  cuddly, loving and a great baby.  She rarely cries, and as a third child this is something to behold.  Her brother and sister love her to pieces, and she fits right in like she has been there all along.  

I loved getting some quality snuggles, and can't wait until I can get my hands on her again.  One night mid-week we decided to head to Jeremy and Lindsay's for dinner, and I took the opportunity to do a little photo shoot.  I loved getting to take pictures of a baby that doesn't really move.  It was a serious contrast from trying to snap pictures of Knox.  What a treat to take pictures and not end up sweating!

Here a few of the sweet babe...enjoy!

I made her little onesie, too.  Isn't she to die for?