Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It was bound to happen...

I can't remember the last time Knox was sick.  Really, I thought about it and the last illness I can remember was 10 months ago.  Sure, he's had a cold or two, but nothing big.  

Friday night we had a little happy hour with friends, and the kids played and had a great time.  Knox was fine, enjoying the time, and even sneaking a little recliner to watch some outdoor tv.

(p.s. all pictures are from my phone, so I apologize for the haze)

The next morning he was content and happy, eating a little squeezie and pretzels.  

We made our way to soccer, where things got a little shaky.  He whined a good amount of the time, but to be honest, that's kind of his go-to when he doesn't want to be doing something anymore.  There was a new teacher, and he had a lot more "down time" during the class, so I figured he was just bored.

That afternoon we had a little swim party/cookout for the dad's softball team.  They won the National Championship in their softball league, so we were excited to celebrate the victory.  He awoke from his nap in a great mood, was happy at the start of the party and then 15 minutes after getting in the water, he kept saying "all done." We got him out of the pool, and he was shivering.  In this heat.  We knew something was up, but decided to feed him and see if that helped.  He was acting so strange, lethargic with a blank stare on his face.  This is the only picture I have of us at the party (no judging), but you can see his tired gaze...

He acted so tired and sad.  I thought he felt a little warm, so he and I packed up and we headed home.  Once I got him bathed and put his jammies on, I checked his temp and it was 102.  I gave him some Motrin and then took advantage of his snuggles!

Once Daddy got home, we gave him another dose of medicine and then put him to bed.  I'm kind of a nervous nelly (surprise, surprise!) so I made sure to wake him up in the middle of the night to check his temp and give him more medicine.

By the morning, he still had a fever but it was much lower.  The fever (99 or so) hung around all day and into the night.  The weirdest part was there were no other symptoms.  No runny nose, no cough.  Nothing.

He didn't really have an appetite with the fever, so we were doing whatever we could to make him eat.  Vanilla won!

Not the most nutritional meal, but at least there was some dairy, right?

He was feeling a little better after dinner, and was trying to delay bedtime.  He kept saying he needed to kiss and hug the dogs before he could go to bed.  Since it was raining, Gracie was freaking out and sticking pretty close to Stephen.  Knox took full advantage and gave her some snuggles.

After checking out the hail and rain, he headed to bed and slept soundly.  Today, he's fever free and back to his normal self.  So strange.  It was bound to happen though.  I'm just thankful it didn't require a doctors visit, or worse-a stomach virus. 

Here's to another 10 months without incident :)

And I need to get my "big" camera out more.  These phone pics aren't going to cut it!


  1. Katie- Piper has had 2 of those fever bugs in the last like 4 months...so random and yes, no other symptoms. Not fun though. Glad he is feeling better!!

    1. Really? SO weird, huh? I guess we should be thankful there were no other symptoms...they seem to snap back really quick.