Thursday, June 7, 2012

My little man

I have a confession...I really hate leaving Knox.  Whether for 3 hours or 3 days, I'm not very good at it.  Stephen and I are heading out of town for a few days, and even though I can't wait, I have a sinking feeling the closer it gets because I know I have to leave him.  

It's in my DNA.  I'm positive my mom still feels this way, and we're all grown and married.  He's so woven in my being that I feel like something is missing when he's not there.  I'm so thankful that we have people in our lives excited to watch him for us, so I have to really allow myself to let go and have a great time.

So, in the spirit of sappiness...I took a few pictures of my little man.  He's growing so fast.  He still loves cars, trains and planes, but he also loves dinosaurs, books, and stickers.  He's a complete talker, and doesn't stop chatting with me all day (wonder where he gets that?).  His most recent thing that cracks us up is that he refers to us as guys.  Like, "Hey guys, I want breakfast."  Or "Hey guys, what are you doing?"  It's pretty funny.

He's a lover, not a fighter...though he has problems sharing his own toys.  He loves to dance and listen to music, and gets crabby if you don't do things with him on his time frame.  He adores his daddy, but has been on a mommy streak here recently (swoon).  

Every day is a new adventure with a two-year old, and I wouldn't change one bit of it.

This morning, he really wanted to wear some stickers on his arms and hands.

I love that he still has the chubby'ish baby hands and arms.

He loves trying on daddy's shoes.  

And feeding his dinosaur to his "big dinosaur."

Since Daddy was working from home this morning, he grabbed his Mater laptop and did so as well.  Just closing deals.

Love that boy.

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