Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Girls Weekend

This past weekend some girlfriends and I headed down to ATX to spend a little time away.  I haven't ever taken a girls trip since Knox was born, so I was really excited.  We all were able to find babysitting arrangements so that we could leave Thursday night, which gave us an extra day.  After all the stress of planning, we were so excited when Thursday rolled around.  We texted the entire day, counting down to the trip.  Love these girls...

Thursday night we spent the night at my parents to avoid an extra hotel night.  We woke up to cloudy skies, and it rained for a little bit that morning, but it was still a peaceful setting.  Love waking up in Austin.  And that's a bird getting a drink in the pool...pretty cool.

Since it was cloudy (and we couldn't check in until 3pm), we decided to head to a movie.  It's nice to be child-free and have the luxury of sitting through a movie again.  We snapped this cute shot before leaving:

After the flick, we headed downtown.  It was (unfortunately) ROT weekend...Republic of Texas Bike Rally.  There were "hogs" everywhere.  If we never hear a loud motorcycle again we'll be fine.  In all honesty, though, once in the hotel we couldn't hear a thing.  Getting downtown from Westlake was a different story.  Due to the rally, all major downtown streets were shut down.  It took forever, and once we were in our hotel we all needed a little cocktail.  Enter these cute cups.  My mom had them made for her friends, but once we had made some slight adjustments, they were perfect!

Our view from the room was great...we could see all of downtown without any major eyesores.

We headed out that night for some grub at Guerro's on South Congress, then headed to bar-hop on West 6th.  We had so much fun dancing the night away...enough fun that we were pretty low-key Saturday, just laying by the pool and relaxing.  

We headed to Abel's on the Lake for dinner Saturday night.  It was a beautiful night to eat on the lake.  We had another relaxing meal, where we weren't stuffing our faces as fast as we could so we could tend to the kiddos.  It was great.

We decided at dinner that we were all beat.  We headed back to the hotel and decided we needed some proof of the motorcycle mayhem...and some guy with a light-up bike was happy to oblige.  This picture cracks me up...alien eyes and all!

We had such a blast, but were all eager to get home to our munchkins.  Thanks for such a great weekend, girls!  Can't wait till RHOR Reunion 2013!

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  1. Hate hate hate that I missed out on this, but I love love love that you girls had such a great time! Love yall!