Friday, December 7, 2012

{HomeSchool}: Weekly Wrap-Up

 Since we are gearing up for Christmas, our lesson this week was "Happy Birthday, Jesus:  Baby Jesus Born."  We focused on the story of Jesus' birth, and the nativity scene.

In case we aren't friends on Facebook, or you missed this one...he loves him some baby Jesus.

How cute is that?  I know I'm biased, but come on.

Anyway, we focused the first part of the week on the nativity scene.  (Sidenote:  the color for the week is brown, and the shape is star.  These were both incorporated!) 

I printed out this 3D nativity scene and glued it to cardstock, then cut out all the pieces for him to glue together.  He's not wearing pants because we're just finishing up potty training (HALLELUJAH, but a whole 'nother post).  Try and ignore that minor detail.

He glued all the major pieces of the scene, then glued together our Mary, Joseph and Baby J.

Then, he set it up to admire it.  And I'm sorry, you can't ignore that tiny hiney.  Presh!

It turned out really cute, and he now says "That's MY baby Jesus, mommy."  So cute!  Easy peasy craft, great time to talk about each piece and how they played an important role in the first minutes of our Lord's life.  Do it.

Then we moved on to more trivial holiday matters...filling up my rotating "knox art" frame.

Like he's meant to be there.

Can't wait to share the REASON for the season with Knox in the coming weeks.

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