Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lanterns and Photo Booths

This past week/weekend was really busy!  We had something every night...but one of our favorites was the Chinese Lantern exhibit at Fair Park.  Mimi (Stephen's mom) was in town and had purchased a Groupon for the exhibit, so after dinner we headed over to see what the fuss was about.

These things were awesome.  It was constructed solely for this location, so all of the work was done on site. Each piece was hand made...pretty spectacular.  Knox loved the pandas, butterflies and ants.  But he was OBSESSED with T-Rex.

It moved it's head and hands and growled.  He wasn't afraid at all.  In fact, he would have stayed there all night had we let him!

It was all pretty amazing.  Definitely something to go see before they are dismantled.

Friday night we headed to Austin for my companies Christmas party.  I work for my dad's company, so it's really a family reunion of sorts.  The party was at the Lakeway resort this year, and my mom did a great job organizing.  The hit, in my opinion, was the photo booth.  So fun to do with a toddler.

You can click to enlarge...pretty precious.  The cousins one sends me over the edge.

We had a great time, but headed home the next day to attend a fun Tacky Christmas Sweater party.  Thankfully I don't have pictures of that...good times.

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