Friday, December 14, 2012

{HomeSchool}: Weekly Wrap-Up

 In continuing with the "Jesus is Born" theme, we focused on the story behind the nativity scene.  It's been really nice, since they are focusing on the story of Jesus' birth in Sunday School and his preschool.  He loves to tell me that Jesus was born in a barn, and gets excited when you ask him what the "best gift of the season" is.  Daily I find him pulling a chair up to our nativity scene to play with baby Jesus and the animals.

It's really amazing seeing this through his eyes...all the more magical.  

As far as school went this week, I was a bit of a slacker.  We did all of our projects on Thursday night.  (hand slaps)

We first made a Christmas tree out of popsicle sticks in graduated lengths.  He painted them, and then once dry we glued them together and added cotton pom decorations.  He got to add it to the tree, and loves looking at it and touching it with "one finger."  That's our rule with ornaments.

We then made a bell angel.  Her body and wings were made out of bells, and then she had a little boy on her neck.  He did such a good job of gluing them in place, though her bow might be choking her a bit.

This was a fun way to incorporate the ABC's--A is for Angel, B is for Bell, and C is for CHRISTmas!

Our Christmas crafts turned out cute!

And his tree now on the big tree!

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