Monday, December 17, 2012

Northpark Trains

If you know Knox well, you know he likes anything manly that moves: construction equipment, cars, planes, trains, buses, etc.  We took him to the train exhibit at Northpark last year, right when he was starting to enjoy moving parts (see that post here).  He enjoyed it, but most of his time was spent "taking it all in."   I think at one point or another, each of us commented on how much he would love it the next year.

Boy were we wrong.  He was OBSESSED.  He still asks if we can go back and see the trains.

Once he realized what we were in for, he was off running.

Among all of the cool set-ups and realistic cityscapes, they have buttons for the kids to push that activate parts of the exhibits.  This button turned on the light in that raised station house.

We had so much fun with him this year, experiencing it all through his eyes.  Not only did he enjoy the trains, he loved spotting the construction equipment, helicopters, race cars and trucks present as well.  He's all boy.

Before we left, we snapped an awesome family pic (too bad the Christmas cards already went out) and watched the puppet show.

I'm excited to make this another Christmas tradition with our family.  Go before it closes, it doesn't disappoint!

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