Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a lot of fun this Halloween.  I think he understood the gist last year, but this was the first year he really got it all.  The hype, the door-to-door walking, the was awesome.  He let us know weeks before Halloween that he wanted to be a Firefighter.  Mimi and Aunt Kelly were in town soon after he decided, and Mimi got him his adorable outfit.  He wore it a million times before the big day, but I think that helped with the anxiety most kids feel when having to put on a costume and leave it on while trick-or-treating. 

We also had a lot of festivities we attended this year.  First, the Galleria near our house had a little festival.  The kids could go to each of the stores to trick-or-treat, and they had bounce houses and bands/performances well into the night.

This picture was taken that night...framer!

Then the next night we attended the Lakeway Regional Medical Center's "Trunk-or-Treat" with the cousins.  I of course failed to get all of them together for a picture, but they all had a great time.  It was PACKED, and a little hectic, but we enjoyed it.  And Knox loved the clown and balloon animals!

Next up was his class Halloween/Fall Festival.  They had a little carnival and then we had a lunch for the kiddos afterwards.  The boys in his class all looked so cute dressed up!

His class!

The costume breakdown...the "popo" killed me.  Yes, he was a police officer!

And finally, Halloween arrived.  I planned a little neighborhood playgroup for the kids on our street, and then we hit the streets in search of candy.  I set up a little photo-booth in the house to get pictures of the kids before the chaos ensued...the pictures turned out cute!

Stephen and my brother, Jeremy, were out of town for a work meeting, so Lindsay came over with the kids to trick-or-treat.  They were all so cute!

Don't they look like they need a theme song?  So "Entourage!"

And how could we forget little Blakely?  Here is a picture of us in Vegas a few weeks ago.  I'll need to do an update for her soon!

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  1. I love watching your family enjoy life and can't wait to see little Blakely. My favorite moments are these...