Monday, August 8, 2011

In honor of shark week...

While watching the news last night, they said the average temperature so far for August in Dallas was 107.5.  Seriously.  When the weekends roll around, we want something to do as a family that doesn't break the bank, but is also air-conditioned.  That's not too much to ask for, right?  Usually everyone else in Dallas has our same idea...but this time was a win!

We drove down to Fair Park to visit their children's aquarium.  The downtown aquarium is amazing...and it's pretty obvious some of the "outcast" animals made it to Fair Park, but Knox didn't notice or care.  He spent the first 30 minutes eating cheerios and drinking milk, casually pointing at the tanks.

In fact, at one point I thought Stephen and I were enjoying it more.  The entire place is eye-level for kiddos, and they are able to put their hands in and feel different critters, like this horseshoe crab.  We didn't so much touch this one, but you could if you wanted to!

The albino alligators were a personal favorite.  I think Knox was underwhelmed, as they didn't really move from this position.  But when they did move...CREEPY!

Then the little guys afternoon made a turn for the better.  He was able to get out of his stroller and enter heaven:  Sharks and stingrays.  This little guy came up to the window quite a lot, and Knox loved trying to touch him.

The tiger shark liked to roam around Knox's face, too.  Good thing we weren't in a cage, he would have lost his chubby arms.

Then out of nowhere this creeper popped up.  He was HUGE.  Much bigger than our 15-month old.  Crazy.

His presence led us to think it was ok for Knox to pet all of the smaller stingrays.  He was way more into it than most of the kids much older than him.  That's pretty typical, though.  He's quite the risk-taker.  He loved the slimy Irwin killers, but thankfully was ready to get back into the A/C!

Before we left, we headed to the gift store to see if he would try on this hat.  He left it on for about .032 seconds, and then went wild trying to get it off.  The picture is really blurry, but I couldn't resist.

Very fun place, we'll definitely go back!

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