Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vail: Day One

We got to Vail on Sunday night.  We had a bit of a rough start (the plane was 50ft from the runway when we took off again--apparantly too much wind).  I was a bit panicked, but we were safe and sound, and in a summer paradise away from the heat of Dallas.   I mean...this is the view from our condo:

Monday afternoon, we hit up the Vail Village.  We wandered around and enjoyed the sunshine, and Knox loved all the doggies.  We stopped for every one of them.  The golden below was his favorite!

We found the brook running through the village, and Knox had to get close to feel the water.

He loved walking through the covered bridge over the water.  I love this picture of he and Aunt Kelly!

After all of our hard work walking around, we obviously had to get some Marble Slab.  Knox loved the freedom to eat his own vanilla scoop.

He's not only partial to dogs.  He also loves bears.  My parents have a stuffed bear at their house (Baylor) and he always gives him a hug.  The Vail bear was no different.  He got some lovin'.

Once we got home, Knox rode on his scooter...

and enjoyed happy hour with the guys on the patio!

We went back into town for dinner at the german restaurant (and enjoyed an amazing schnitzel), and before we could get home Knox had to touch all the bronze statues he ran into.  His favorite was the one with running water and a dog.  He's "doing what a dog says" right now...panting!

We got to bed early so we could head to Leadville the next day.

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  1. We ate at that same German restaurant when we were in Vail in October and loved it. It brought back such a great memories. Glad y'all are enjoying it!