Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Safari Park

Last week we went to Safari Park with the playgroup.  It was a HUGE success, the kids loved it and were worn out by naptime.  There are two locations, Southlake and Plano, and I highly recommend going.  If your kids don't walk yet, it's free!

Knox had a few favorites.

1) The ball pit.

2) Climbing the stairs like a big kid.  I'm thankful he paused to stare at the big kids so I could grab him before he entered the maze of craziness.  I would have been sweating trying to get him out of there.

3) Going down the slide backwards.  I would correct him, and he would flip over before the end.

All of the kids, walking or not, had a great time.  The only snafu was when the big kids came down the slide while the littles were in the ball pit.  We almost lost poor Kennedy (see below--well, her head at least).

Coincidentally, Knox and Mason were twinkies.  Cute boys!  I took about 7 pictures of them "together" and this was the best one.  Ha. 

The train tables were cute, and all had a different theme.  Knox liked taking the cars and trucks and running away with them. 

Sweet Molly.

This picture just cracks me up.  Emily was hanging out on the couch and Knox tried to crash her party.  About 10 seconds after this he tried to get a bit closer and she took off.  Poor Knox.  Not so smooth.

Safari Park was a hit.  We'll be back soon!

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