Monday, August 15, 2011

We were on lake time.

Stephen and I just wrapped up our 2nd annual "Baylor Weekend o' Fun" at Lake Travis.  We had so much fun...laughed until we cried, ate WAY too much food, participated in every single water sport I can think of, and floated our way through the weekend.  Seriously, it was bliss.

Love these girls...and the two little boys who will be here SOON!

Loved one-on-one time with this hunk.

And probably my favorite part of the weekend?  College shirts!!!  Well, sort of.  Sarah had an amazing idea to make t-shirts, since we don't get fun sorority/fraternity shirts to lounge around in any more.  She even went a step further and made koozies for everyone, too!  It was pretty amazing!

Ahh, Schlotty would be so proud.  You Baylor kids will get that one!

I'll do a post soon on the boat fun...

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