Wednesday, October 19, 2011


My friend Amanda recently framed some of her daughter's artwork, and it got me thinking.  I'd really like to showcase some of Knox's cute doodles, and I could probably just switch it out in the same frame to keep it current.  Hobby Lobby always comes through, and I was able to get all of our materials on the cheap.

I started by using black construction paper, and cut a ghost out of white to use as a guide.

Knox was most interested in putting the glue in his mouth at first, hence the paci.  

Then he realized how fun the pom poms were.  These ended up all over the living room floor.


I glued a couple down to show him how.  I was really surprised that he was able to copy and do it himself, though his aim was a bit off at the start.

Then he wanted to just throw the balls to land on the glue.  He was actually semi-accurate with this technique.

And in the end I decided to let him go to town with the glue.  The OCD side of me didn't want him to ruin it.  I mean, who's craft project was this?  I am going to have to chill out on the next projects and just let him have his way with it.  To my surprise (again), he knew exactly what to do because he had watched me do it first.  Incredible how able he is.

 Stephen reminded me that it's not meant to be perfect, it's meant to be his.  I'm sure his Thanksgiving piece will reflect that.

I thought the final product was pretty cute.  I added the "boo!" before hanging it in our kitchen.  Can't wait to see how his art changes month-to-month!


  1. That is adorable! I'm going to have to copy you when mine gets a little older! :)