Thursday, October 6, 2011

Living on Tulsa Time

I'm not sure what that even means...but it's on a lot of billboards around Tulsa.  It's probably a song that my dad could sing on the spot.  I'll ask him.

I had a work event in Tulsa, OK last week, and I was so excited to go.  Not just for work, but there are actually quite a few people I love there! 

We flew in that morning and headed over to my Nani's for lunch.  Julie and Pegi out-did themselves and we basically had Thanksgiving.  We all needed naps afterwards...except for Knox.  He never had one the ENTIRE day.  You can tell in the pictures!

We got all of the toys in the closet out.  This one won, except for all of the trucks (that were my DAD'S, btw), but I forgot to get pictures of those.  Amazing that my dad played with them, and now my son.  Pretty cool!

He also loved that the buttons that controlled the TV were eye level.  Thankfully we could undo his button pushing rather easily.

Outside, they have about an acre of land that is un-fenced.  He was in heaven...but typically stayed close to the house.  Strange.  And he liked to sit on the "cacks" (quacks) near the porch.  Sillyness is definitely due to the lack of sleep.

Peg bought him a t-ball set.  He liked to hit the ball baseball style, but also wanted to do it all by style.

She also showed him that there was water in the bird bath.  He splashed in it for a while!

Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of the three of us.  Great picture of Nani, so I'll take it.  I think if he'd slept at all he might have been game for another picture, but he basically had a melt down after just this one.  Oh well. 

We had a great afternoon, then headed over to the Hard Rock Casino where we were staying.   We had the golf tournament and then had dinner with my sweet friend, Lacie!!  I love that I get to see her when I visit family, because she's basically family, too!  We caught up like we've never skipped a beat...and Knox loved her!

He also loved the sounds these guys made:

It was a great trip...can't wait for the next one!

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