Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mo, Mo!

I made blueberry muffins for the first time in a few months.  We (I) got a little lazy and have just been doing bananas and nutragrain bars in the mornings, and I figured we all needed a change. 

Well...that has backfired in a way.  All I hear all day is "Mo, MO!" (more) coming from the kitchen...

He's obsessed.  It's a good thing that he likes them, I just might have to find a new place for them to hang out during the day to stop the torture.

Since I had my camera out I snapped a few other close ups of my little guy.  I chopped his hair off, and daddy and I have cutter's remorse.  We know now we prefer the shaggy mullet, crazy as that sounds.  When I spike it up it looks fine, but as is it's a little silly looking.  It grows, though, right?  Hopefully fast!

Yummy.  Pretzels.


  1. Aaah! That last pic is my favorite.

  2. E used to say, "mo, mo, mo" for everything! cute stage!

  3. Soo funny... this was Crew all week too! Lindsay and Jerany came over for the Tech A&M game and brought cupcakes. I had them on our cake platter too and he begged for them nonstop until the last one was gone-oh boys!

  4. So cute!! Pic #2 is like, quit standing there taking pictures and get me a muffin already!!!