Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We recently went to the Arboretum.  It's gorgeous this time of year, with tens of thousands of pumpkins to take cute pictures of your littles...if they cooperate.  Unfortunately Knox was having a "no smile" kind of day.  We'll just have to go again and hope for some with his cheeky grin.

He loved walking in and out of the goard house.

This is completely over-exposed, but I had to include it because he did this the entire time...picking them up and not-so-gently setting them down.

He wandered aimlessly among the different patches of pumpkins.  I was sweating.

And the only shot where he looked at me.

Don't let the pictures fool you...he had a great time.  We'll be back.

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  1. Precious! We didn't get any smiles or looking at the camera shots either.....Hoping for better luck next time!