Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Celebrations, Part 2

With our first Christmas celebration in Austin, this weekend marked #2.

Friday night we headed to dinner with our playgroup friends and spouses at Patrizio's.  Yummy food, hilarious people, KID-FREE...always a good time.

Saturday, we had a birthday party for one of Knox's neighborhood friends and then lounged around the house.  That night, we ventured out to Stephen's tennis club's Christmas party.  They had dinner, a bonfire to make smores, and hayrides to see all of the Christmas lights.  I didn't take any pictures, but we had a blast.

Early Sunday morning, the girls met at Breadwinners to say goodbye to sweet Ashley.  We obviously eat our way through celebrations.  We are so excited for the Williams and their new adventure, and we can't wait to visit them in Katy.

Finally, Sunday night we decided to have our family Christmas here at the house.  While Knox was napping Stephen and I exchanged our gifts.  He got me a Nook Color (which I love!), and I got him a home beer brew kit.  He's got a lot of work until the final product, but we're both excited to see if we can make a good brew!

Once Knox woke up we surprised him with his gift...a tool workbench and battery-operated tools.  He was so excited.  My parents got him a BBQ grill like daddy's for xmas, and he's been making us burgers and hot dogs all week.  Now we get hot dogs and nuts and bolts.  Yum.  He loves making the drill turn and the saw make noise.

Apart from stepping on all of the small pieces, it's been a great couple gifts.  He loves playing and acting like a big boy!

On Friday we'll be with the Dotsons, so Part 3 is coming your way!!

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