Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Crafting, part dos

I hosted playgroup this week, and following with the "Pinterest Craft Challenge," we made reindeers with the kids feet.  I will say this: Feet are no different than hands when it comes to paint and my child.  There were tears.  And snot.  But we did it!

I decided to make some reindeer cookies for the kids, to keep with the theme.  I thought they turned out cute...

And Cortland made his first playgroup appearance.  Rachel was brave enough to tackle the drive with a newborn, and we're thankful we got to see him (and maybe even smother him a bit!).

Once the kiddos had eaten their lunches, the crafting commenced.  We had quite the assembly line going, and for the most part all of the crafts turned out and no children were harmed.

And our final product:

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