Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kampen Christmas

While we were in Austin for the work Christmas party, we went ahead and celebrated Christmas.  It's hard to get everyone together these days, so we jumped at the chance.

Olivia and Mackenzie were in love with their new pj's:

Knox loved "rocking" Holt:

Dad loved making "snow" with the girls to play in:

And Conner loved crashing the big girl's play time under the coffee table:

We all loved celebrating Natalie's birthday after dinner:

And even more that we got to celebrate a HEISMAN WINNER!!!

My family is such a blessing to me...I'm so thankful we were able to all celebrate together!  And, it doesn't hurt that my mom is a mean cook and did the whole Christmas dinner.  I'm still full.

p.s. I promise to never leave my good camera at home again.  Terrible quality.

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