Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Company Christmas Party

I work for my dad, as does my sister and both my brothers.  Not only did we have a fun company Christmas party, but it was a mini-family reunion as well.  We are blessed.  

My father has worked extremely hard, faced many trials and rough patches, and is now seeing the rewards of all of his efforts.  All of the employees comment on how amazing it is to work for my dad.  This makes me so proud, and I couldn't agree more.  God is so good.

The KGI Christmas party was held at the Barton Creek Resort and Spa.  What a beautiful venue!  It was decorated for Christmas and they did a great job.  We took quite a few pictures in front of the tree...pretty cute!  I'm REALLY bummed that I forgot my good camera.  Excuse the poor quality of my point and shoot...

Such a cute picture of my parents and Knox

Aren't they adorable in their festive reds??

The party was catered to all ages.  There were about 10 kids at the party, so they had caricature drawers and balloon artists to entertain them.  Later we had the adult "White Elephant" gift exchange.  Pretty funny.

Knox loved his sword.  Always a pirate :)

Stephen had to stay in Dallas to compete in his end of the season tennis tournament (which he won-undefeated the entire season!!), so Knox and I are the only ones represented in this gem.  Doesn't look anything like us, but it's still cute!

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  1. How nice. A reunion and a Christmas party for the company; double the fun and reasons to celebrate. It's great to reach the end of the year and look back at the achievements in work, no?