Friday, October 5, 2012

{HomeSchool}: Weekly Wrap-Up

This week was back to content, and we had so much fun.  Just as a recap, we were focusing on "God Made the Animals."  The shape was square, color green, letters H-K and the numbers 1-3.  Though he knows his colors and numbers, and mostly his letters, we focus more on collecting three items, or finding three green things, etc.

We started this week simple...we painted a green square.  I wanted a reminder of both the shape and color, and Knox loves painting.  Win-win.

Later in the week, we focused on our animals.  In our scripture (Gen 1:24-25), we learned big and small. He's typically really good about differentiating big vs. small, but he loved seeing this played out with animals.

I simply googled images of his favorite animals, found a baby version, and cut them out for him to match and glue on a piece of cardstock.  He loved this activity, and still will walk in the kitchen and point out "baby giraffes" or "huge cats."

Finally, we had a little fun with his friend Blair for the last activity.  Jessica (Blair's mom) found a cool tutorial for a tin can wind chime, and we decided to recycle and tackle the project.

We saved cans, stripped them of their labels and put masking tape along the top so the kids wouldn't get cut.  Then, using a screwdriver and hammer made little holes in the bottom for the yarn.  Once they were painted, we added washers to the yarn (to hang inside the cans) to make the noise.  

Very easy, and they loved it!

He loved using the different colors from our lessons, and since we just learned circle last month, he loved getting to point out the shapes.

Now, it's proudly hung in our backyard.  Hope I remember to take it down before the next rain, or we'll have colorful mulch!!

All in all, great week and fun exercises!!

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