Friday, October 19, 2012

{HomeSchool}: Weekly Wrap-Up

This week's focus was "God Made the Animals-Pets."  Knox is OBSESSED with Gracie and Bella, so this was a no brainer.  Throughout the week, we talked about his friend's pets (Blair-Kitty, Ella/Maren-Gatsby, etc) and also about his Gigi and Papi's dogs.  He helped me feed and add more water in G&B's bowl, and we also pointed out that they have 4 feet and no arms, paws with claws, etc.  

He loved being a helper, and doting on the dogs on his own.  He loves to let them in after they've been outside, and unfortunately has picked up on my lingo in reference to the dogs.  I heard a lot of "Gracie, get down." and "Girls, come in now!"  Oh well...maybe they'll listen better with more people yelling :)

We also worked on all of the colors, just as an activity.  Actually, this wasn't planned.  We had a big storm one night this week, and the next morning Knox and I were playing on the patio.  He was asking why everything was wet, and I told him that it had rained the night before.  He looked up in the sky, and then asked, "Where's the rainbow, mommy?"  He's a genius, I tell you.  Ha.  

I thought it was so cute that he made that connection, and so we decided to make a rainbow with watercolors.  I'm a bit OCD, so I typically steer clear of watercolors (mean, right?).  I just hate that with one little dab you can mix all the colors up in the tray and they never work the same again.  I'm fully aware that I'm a control freak, so we got over it quickly. 

I drew the rainbow on the cardstock, then let him paint.  He's two, so obviously he can't paint in the lines (or even know where to put each color).  I'd simply call the color out, and he'd put his paintbrush in the water and then dab it in the color I asked.  Then, holding my fingertip in the appropriate section, he'd color away.  I was really shocked how well he did.

He definitely exceeded my expectations!  Once we were finished I knew we needed to add a little "umph" to the cloud.

I got out some elmers and cotton balls and we made a proper cloud.  He loves it.  He knows all of his colors, but something about seeing them in this way made him really excited to practice them again.

Since I didn't really have anything "artsy" to use for the pet section of our lessons, I used trusty google images to find some pictures of Chihuahuas.  Once I added their names to the collars, I let him go to town coloring them.  He loved seeing them in cartoon form, and still laughs every time he sees them in the kitchen.

Pretty week is review, so we'll be getting our letters, animals, shapes and colors down so that we can move on!

Have a great weekend, and happy learning!

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