Wednesday, October 17, 2012

State Fair of Texas 2012

Ever since I can remember, we made a yearly trip to the State Fair of Texas.  Even when I was in Belgium, I snagged a trip home around fair time and made it.  Since Knox was born, we've made it a fun family trip.  The first year, he slept through half of the Baylor/Tech game at the Cotton Bowl.  Last year, he spent hours driving cars.  This year, we had a blast.  He did drive the cars...all of them.  But he also just took in the scene and enjoyed himself.  We all had a great time!

You can't go to the fair without getting a Fletcher's corn dog.  Knox didn't love the breading, but chowed down on his hot dog!

We headed over to the petting zoo after our photo sesh with Big Tex (which totally mesmerized him when he talked)...Knox LOVES animals.  He had the best time feeding all of the ones he could, and if he was able to pet them, he was in HEAVEN!

See...the camels were a fave!

I love that he has his hand in every cage that says "I BITE."  No incidents, thankfully!

His absolute fave.  We talked about them all the way there, all the way home and all week long.  He loves giraffes!

After the petting zoo, and a serious wipe down with rubbing alcohol, we headed over to the car show.  Not sure how many years we'll get without having to pay to ride far all he wants to do is drive the cars. Free fun!!

It got late quick, so we made the trek back to the car.  This year they had a village of Chinese lanterns.  It was a serious rip off to get in, so we stole some pics from the gates.

Pretty cool!

We had such a fun time, and already can't wait to see the fair through his eyes next year!

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