Thursday, October 4, 2012

Got his hair did...

I have always cut Knox's hair.  He hasn't ever lost it, since birth.  It's been really long, really short, mohawked, bald on the sides and slightly askew...but never as bad as the last time I cut it.  He looked identical to Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and was terrible.  

Seriously.  It's finally grew out, and we've loved his shaggy do.  However, the back grew just as fast, and he's been rocking a serious mullet.  Eewww.

So...a haircut was in order.  I am not afraid of cutting his hair, and plan to continue to do it in the future, I just need a good base.

There's a cute kid hair cutting place next to our Target, so I went in after lunch to do the deed.  We were the only ones in there, so it worked out well!  

He first picked out his movie--Rio!  Then, he chose the firetruck over the taxi cab.  Figures.

The woman cutting his hair did a great job.  He acted a little sketchy when she got near his eyes/face, but otherwise watched the movie and did great!  He LOVED the sucker, and mommy loves his new "symmetrical" shag!

And the train table helped...

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