Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sic 'Em

This weekend we headed down to Austin to watch the Bears take on the Horns.  On our way down, we decided to stop and take a few pics on campus.  And by a few, I mean close to 100.

I've narrowed down my faves...and it was really hard.  So fun seeing Knox walk the same steps we took.  Crazy it's been 7 years.

Here, Stephen is pointing to the third floor, second window from the left.  Stephen's abode Freshman year.

Sitting on top of the Baylor sign in front of the SUB

Walking on campus, probably to the bears

I spy Knox, walking the plank in front of Pat Neff

He loved Joy and Lady

Lady loved her nap

Mama's excited to see the new SUB

He hugged all bears in sight

The fam in front of Pat Neff

Our fam on the swing in front of the SUB

Knox loved swinging

I had to get in there with him for at least one!

We had so much fun, reminiscing on old times.  If it weren't for Baylor, Stephen and I would never have met.  It will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Once in Austin, my dad hooked me up with my favorite meal...his fried chicken.  Yummo.  We stuffed our faces, and hit the hay.  Saturday, the ladies did some shopping while the guys lounged around.  After the kiddos naps, we headed up to game. 

We made a quick pit-stop at the Green Mesquite to grab some yummy BBQ and then started our tailgate.

About an hour before the game, we started our walk to the stadium.  Our seats were pretty high up, and it took quite a while to get there.  The minute we hit our seats, Knox starts freaking out.  He's scared of the cannons (UT scored on their second play, and kept scoring...so the cannons kepts coming).  He was afraid of the heights, the noises...everything.  Stephen's parents were in a box with some friends and had some extra tickets, so we decided that he might be better down there.  

Nope.  We're in a box, all the food, drinks, candy and ice cream he could ever want, and he wanted to go home.  This is the face we saw the entire first half:

We stayed through the first half, but left at halftime.  We tried to watch the game, but honestly, we both were on Knox-duty the whole time and couldn't really enjoy it.  Oh well...that's life with a 2.5 year old.

Once he knew we were going home, this is how he acted:

We caught one last look at the scoreboard and headed home.  Unfortunately, we lost.  It wasn't a blow out, so we were pleased.  We had so much fun with the family all weekend, so it was a success all around!

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  1. LOVE all your pics on campus! You always take such great pictures!