Thursday, January 27, 2011

9 months

Yall, he's 9 months old.  Crazy.  We absolutely love him to pieces, but he's turning into a complete handful.  He's into everything and always on the move.  We wouldn't change a thing...except for maybe his increased volume and pterodactyl octaves.

You can see his bottom two teeth, and as of our latest pedi appt, the top 4 are on their way soon!

We spent the better part of the photo session moving the chair around.  He's so beefy.

Cheesy grin.

I was trying to get him to look at my by dangling his paci.  Fail, but cute.

Pulling moss out.

He's our pride and joy.  His latest stats:

Height: 28" (40%)
Weight: 17lbs 15 oz (14th%)

He's a lean little guy.  Our pediatrician is awesome and takes his time with the appointments so I can ask all of my ridiculous and worried questions.  He says I'm not crazy...and he has apparantly seen crazy.  That's reassuring.

Some of the things our little man loves and hates at 9 months:

All food, table and pureed.  Prefers table. 
Obsessed with Blueberry muffins.  And Graduates cheddar lil' crunchies. 
Walking around our furniture.
Crawling to the phone cords, side tables, computers, cable boxes, anything prohibited.
His lovey.
Slapping the table in protest to food, or requesting more.  Or just to be playful.
His favorite spots: the windows and the ficus tree planter.
Petting the dogs. 
Babbling:  his faves- mama, dada, baba, gaga, and aj;sidfja;sdoif (his raspberry sound).  He still has no idea, though, who he's referencing when he says mama and dada.
Sleep (though it's been spotty with the 4 teeth coming in)
Bathtime (more splashing than the actual act)

All things associated with being held if we're home and around toys, dogs or windows
Being contained in his jumparoo or exersaucer
Getting his fingernails clipped
Changing clothes
Getting his diaper changed
Sitting still (which I think all of the above require)
Having his face wiped post-meals
Milk.  I was worried, but our pedi gave us the go-ahead to give more meals and less bottles.  He just doesn't like bottles, or maybe it's the sitting still to drink one.

He's our little man, and we love him.  Happy 9 months, Knox!


  1. he's so adorable Katie & Stephen! I can't believe how grown up he's starting to look, either. Mr handsome :)

  2. Happy 9 months Knox! I LOVE his smile, precious precious.

  3. I could probably copy and paste this into Emily's 9 month post, ha!

  4. I can't believe he's already nine months! He is cuter and cuter everyday!!