Thursday, January 20, 2011


A few months ago I reconnected with some friends from High School.  Caroline has a daughter, Emily and Rachel has a daughter, Molly.  We met for lunch and enjoyed catching up, and they invited me to their weekly lunch-time playgroup.  Knox and I were both very excited.  I love the ability to meet weekly with other moms and talk about what's going on in the lives of our kids and families.  Knox loves it because he's the only boy :)

This week, we had playgroup at our house.  I need to be more diligent at taking pictures at the beginning of the PG, because towards the end all of the kids are ready for naps and over it.  Next time. 

Here's what I have from this week:

Knox and Emily.  They are one week apart, and I swear identical in the way they do things!  Knox loves trying to keep up with Emily!

See?  He had to stand up like her.  They are cute together.

Hate that this picture is so dark.  Sweet Molly loved the soft catepillar.

Knox and Emily are chasing Alex.  But she was way too quick for them!

Alex and Hadley (2 months old...she'll be on the ground soon though!)

Knox loves standing on the pot the ficus tree is in.

The newest addition, Mason.  Knox is thrilled to have another boy in the group.   Isn't he just a doll?  He's 7-weeks.
I'm so thankful for old friends that invited me to the group, and the new friends we're meeting!  Blessed!

*Caroline wrote a post on Knox and Emily...see it here!

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  1. Pipes is going to be super jealous of Knox's new girlfriends;)