Monday, January 24, 2011

Fall leaves, in January

One of the things we love about our neighborhood are the trees.  They are huge.  They give the streets this gorgeous canopy, shading most of the yards all the way to the creek.  We have two massive oaks...50-60 feet tall.  We also have a corner lot, so our yard is a bit bigger than most. 

Each Fall, the leaves start to die and fall to the grass below.  Most of our neighbors were out sweeping and raking the leaves into bags, working as they fell.  We decided to wait.  Not sure what we were waiting for, but we waited.  Then it rained.  A lot.  Then it got cold.  Really cold.

Then it was January.  And we had a lot of leaves in our yard.  26 70-gallon bags to be exact.  It was exhausting work and took us the better part of 4 hours to complete.  It's done...and next year we won't wait.

One thing was worth the wait, though...getting our little stud's pictures in one of the piles.

The only smile we got for quite some time...he had just woken up from a nap.

He didn't love it, but he didn't hate it either.

He wanted to eat them mostly.

Stephen thought he might like it if some of them fell from the sky over his head.  He flinched.  Typical.

Standing on his own.  For 2.5 seconds...

Those teeth hurt...

Sort of happy!

Now we're laughing...see the TWO teeth on the bottom??

Standing next to the culprit!